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What Will We Be In 2023?

Another year has come and gone and it happened so fast! It's a good idea to list some plans and objectives for this New Year. Paul gives us a wise command that should top our list and we should resolve to keep it each day this year! In Eph.5:15-17 he says, "See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil." Paul is saying we should be careful to remember that life on Earth is temporary. No one is guaranteed to live another day much less another year.

This should cause us to prioritize simply “doing good” each day Gal.6:9-10, all to the glory of the Lord Jesus Col.3:17. The NIV says, "making the most of every opportunity".

I learned about Karios a while back. A bronze statue of a young man made by a 4th century Greek sculptor named Lysippos. It has wings on it's back and feet. A lock of hair on it's forehead, but it’s bald on the back. It looks like it is in continual motion. At the base it reads, "Who made thee? Lysippos made me.

What is thy name? My name is opportunity. Why has thou wings on thy feet? That I may fly swiftly over the Earth. Why has thou a forelock? That men may seize me when I come by. Why has thou nothing in the back? When I am gone no man may grasp me."

Brethren, life truly is short and "the days are evil". Opportunities to do good come and go in a

moment’s time. If we fail to seize them, there is a good chance they will never come our way again. Herein lies the difference in how we will "walk" with the Lord today, and every day He gives us this year. We will choose to be foolish, squandering opportunity, or to be wise, "understand what the Lord's will is"?

So what will we be in 2023 depends on our choice to be wise "redeeming the time". In Lk.10:38f

we have a powerful story of Jesus teaching at the house of Martha. She was busy with hospitality but Mary “sat at the Lord’s feet”. Jesus used this occasion to teach that time spent in His Word is more important than many other good things we might spend our time and energy on. We must be discerning as we look for opportunities to grow in grace by doing the "better" things God brings our way. Let's resolve to prioritize our unique relationship with Jesus Christ, His teachings, His Church Family, and Prayer! In wisely choosing God’s Will, motivated by love, we Will Be All We Can Be In 2023!

May the Lord bless and keep you!

- DL


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