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Leave Behind All Sin as 2021 Ends

The creation story in Gen.1-3 tells of the "Heavens and the Earth" and all "kinds" of LIFE! It

highlights the glory of Mankind being made "in the image of God" with dominion over all the living creatures. The beautiful paradise garden was designed for a loving relationship with God. Everything was beautiful and wonderful! Sin had no part of God's creation but the sin of our parents Adam & Eve brought a curse into the world and this curse, like a deadly virus, brought pain, hardships, suffering and death! Though we do not inherit sin, sadly we are all like our parents when we choose to sin Rom.3:22-23; 5:12-18.

Every time we see people struggling and suffering in this world with back breaking work, heartbroken from natural disasters, mental and physical illness, viral diseases, birth defects, divorce, child abuse, hatred and war... realize that SIN IS THE CAUSE OF IT ALL!

Genesis records more than the fall of mankind. Along with man's willful rebellion and the curse it brings, is the Good News that God still loves us! Our sin did not change the love that God has for all of us! But the nature of His love moves from creative to redemptive. It now becomes the re-creation story from Gen.3 to Rev.22. God is now restoring a loving eternal relationship with mankind. From the promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Bible calls everyone to faith in Jesus Christ! God in Jesus Christ, suffered the curse as a sin offering so we could become new creations in union with Him, enjoying peace and fellowship

God's gracious love calls all His children to hate sin, admit our own guilt, repent Acts 17:29-31 and be baptized Acts 2:38f in the Name of Jesus Christ. In Ps.51 David is repenting of his own sin against God. The last thing he would do is blame his parents or anyone else. The Cross of Christ brings us face to face with our sin, God's hatred for it, and His love for us! Let's make a New Year's Resolution to be led by the Holy Spirit and leave behind all our sin as 2021 ends!



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