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Circumcision And Infant Baptism

In Col.2:11-12 Paul uses New Testament Baptism to refute false teachers binding Old Testament circumcision on Christians. The interlopers were insisting that Gentiles must become Jews and follow the Law of Moses "to be saved" Acts 15:1-5. Many today teach that Paul is supporting infant baptism as the antitype of infant circumcision. This is certainly not what John the Baptist, Christ, Paul or any Apostle taught. Paul assures Christians they have all been spiritually circumcised. He contrasts circumcision of the flesh "by the hands of men" with the circumcision of our SIN “done by Christ". He teaches that baptism is WHEN and WHERE this happens, showing that salvation is “by faith and not by works of Law” Eph.2:8-9.

Infant circumcision is done "by the hands of men" APART from the baby's faith. The so called infant baptism is also APART from the baby's faith. Now in contrast to this, Christian baptism is clearly an act of personal, wholehearted, obedient faith, "in the power of God who raised Christ" Rom.6:1f, Gal.3:26f. The

Gospels begin with John the Baptizer calling sinners to confess and repent of THEIR sins and believe on the Christ Matt.3:1-10, Mk.1:4, Lk.3:3. This links faith, repentance, baptism and remission of sin together! The only difference from Pentecost on is, “the name of Jesus Christ” and immediate gift of Holy Spirit Acts 2:38.

No one can obey the Gospel for us! This is why Infant Baptism is not taught or practiced in the Bible! Children have not done anything “good or evil” Rom.9:11. They have not sinned and do not inherit the guilt of Adam's sin, or their parent’s Eze.18:20. Yes we all face the consequences of Adam’s sin on the whole creation. Paul said the creation suffers but is not guilty Rom.8:18-21. Jesus said children are innocent, "citizens of the Kingdom" Matt.18:3-4, Lk.18:16-17. Infant baptism simply is not Biblical! It is a man made doctrine! It undermines the Gospel's power to save Rom.1:16 by “God's grace through our faith”! DL


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